Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You're either in or you're out

Good morning all!

So i was thinking this while i was laying in the bed last night....had to write it down so that i could remember to post it today....so here it goes....my thoughts...nothing more, nothing less....

I may not have the skinniest skinny jeans or the tallest tall boots but those things are either attainable or changeable (if thats a word)....they make you fit in or stand out in a world that never stays the same. But you know what my favorite fashion trend is.....just being ME!

It's easy to fit in on the outside
and it's easy to stand out on the outside. But try standing out on the inside...that's where the true difference lies.

Be you from the inside out because that'll never go outta style!

P.S. Enjoy the snowy day but be careful on those rodes....slow and steady wins the race! ;-)