Thursday, January 31, 2008

Animal planet type stuff

Despite my gloomy day i was able to feast my eyes upon 16 deer....I would like to think that it was Bambi's extended family tho! ;-) But I didn't do the counting (or else i would have got into an accident), my moms did and i felt like i was in the lion king...except with deer of course haha. The experience was very majestic and nature-like haha....i felt like i should have heard some animal expert commenting on their behavior as a herd of lions come running towards them outta no where.

But anywho, I'm tired and hungry....not the best combo cuz i think it makes me impatient and cranky haha. So i'ma eat and relax the rest of the night....hope that the winter storm we're supposed to get tonight isn't too bad but if i was in elementary or high school, i'd be hoping for a snow day! :)

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ceenD said...

I wanna see wildlife. One of deez days. It sucked how we never got snow days in college. They all wanted us to get stuck in the snow and freeze so they can take our tuition money and not have to educate us anymore.