Saturday, January 12, 2008

Straight line please

Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting in line to experience life. Yes, I am living it right now but this is just the prerequisites of my life…getting me ready to live the life that I think/kinda know is in store for me. But as I wait in this line, I seem to get pushed back further or miss my opportunity to move up because I wasn’t paying attention...maybe looking at someone else's life. But most often I think I just stand there waiting for life to come to me because I’m not sure what “life” I wanna choose when I get to the front of the line. But hey, the life i'm meant to lead will soon be revealed...then i can walk the line with my destination in mind. I just can't let myself (or others) get in the way....or i'ma start pushing people LOL jk.

Oh i gotta go…the line is moving!


tony said...

the life your meant to have will unfold for you at the right moment...till then enjoy where you are, and what you are doin, and who you are :) and if all that fails im with you...PUSH IT! lol just playin. but i know youll do great things!

Candace said...

Preach! LOL

And right...move it or lose it buddy! ;-)

ceenD said...

you are deep-ala!

Candace said...

deep blue sea.....did u see that movie? LOL