Monday, February 18, 2008

I feel....

Man, I feel like doing so many things right now....traveling, walking, painting, writing, reading, swinging, jumping, spinning, dancing, sitting, sleeping, dreaming, thinking, talking, singing, humming, laughing, smiling, listening, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, living, loving, breathing.....I just feel like doing everything and more!

And what's really stopping me from doing all these things......NOTHING.

So get up and GO!

But ya know what i really want at this exact moment....a hug! I know, I's all corny and random. But hey, not just any hug....I want the kinda hug like the ones you get from someone you haven't seen in while. Where just sharing the same space with them makes you SO happy that it your heart. And when you two touch, you actually feel how much the other person has missed you, to the point that you don't wanna let go. But you have that you can see their face and look into their eyes to make that moment all the more real to you.

That kinda hug is an exchange of love!

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