Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back in business

Ah i'm back in the game.....the photography game that is hehe.

Tonight i witnessed the total lunar eclipse...pretty cool stuff! I had to look it up but this eclipse occurs due to the fact that the moon passes thru some portion of the Earth's shadow. The moon takes on a vivid red/orange color during the total phase. Darker eclipses only occur
when there is volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere that filters and blocks much of the sun's light from reaching the moon. But the cool thing is that this eclipse won't happen again til Dec 2010 so I'm glad i got a chance to see it. PLUS it gave me inspiration to take photos again so YAY!

But I must say that it was rather spooky being in my backyard in the dark, alone with the weeping willow. I all felt like i was disturbing it. And it's weird cuz that's like the only tree that i think can be turned into a human and make total sense to me haha....i envision an old lady, a weeping widow.

P.S. Those thin bare branches at night surrounding me.....
extremely scary! But i got some cool/eerie photos so im VERY happy right now!

And I love how i feel when i
take photos because it's like everything around me is calling for my capture what's special about them. And it's cool cuz when i look at something, it's almost like my eyes take a snapshot first, as i blink. So the image flashes before me and this shows me whether or not it will be an interesting photo. And if my eyes like it, then it gives me that urge to stop and take a photo. Sometimes i don't wanna stop taking photos but my memory card limits me....gotta get a bigger one haha.

But anywho.....long live the camera! :)


ceenD said...

the trees were like "cah-bon, we're trying to relax here!" lol, that one in the picture looks like its saying "i'm gonna git ya!"

Candace said...

"i'm gonna git u suckah!" haha