Monday, June 2, 2008

Make room for this shroom

Ok, so I stumbled upon this pretty impressive mushroom growing in my backyard a few weeks ago. It looks really cool but let me just say that anything bigger than a portobello is on the verge of scaring I definitely didn't wanna touch it and have my finger melt off haha!

Anywho, I showed my dad these pictures and he was like "why don't you cook it?" Personally, I think it's big enough to be the crust of a pizza but I'd have to post these pictures on some "mushroom lovers" blog before I proceed
with any sort of menu. Yet, I'd like to believe that this particular mushroom increases our property value so it will be spared due to its assumed rarity haha.

But watch some deer like prances through our backyard and eats it.....I will be throughly upset! :)


Danz said...

Whoa, that thing is huge! Probably tasty too..:)

ceenD said...

This post was hilar!

Candace said...

HAHA...I like thoroughly enjoyed writing it! :)

Times of Glory said...

The pattern of the mushroom is like a butterfly or feather! Beautiful! A great catch, my dear!

Candace said...

To times of glory: So true! It's cool cuz it's almost like a pattern you'd think to find on anything BUT a mushroom!

I personally wanna put that pattern on a piece of clothing! ;-)